Thanks in large part to Nick at Nite, practically everyone over 25 can quickly conjure the iconic theme songs for 1960s TV series The Addams Family and Green Acres, and that is the deeply impressive legacy of composer Vic Mizzy, who died of heart failure yesterday at 93. Much like his snazzy, jazzy name, Mizzy established the bright, percussive, lyrically clever, and insanely catchy template for TV theme songs that remains relevant decades later, from The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island on through to Cheers, Friends, and The Big Bang Theory. Embedded below is the snappy Addams Family themeperformed by Mizzy himself, and after the jump I’ve embedded the Green Acres tune, featuring some rather adventurous “singing” from star Eva Gabor.

With lyric-driven TV theme songs ever more an endangered species, Mizzy’s contribution to pop-culture feels that much more special. Tell me, PopWatchers, in honor of Mr. Mizzy, what are your favorite TV themes, and which current TV shows do you think would do well with an old-fashioned catchy opening tune?