Look at tonight’s network schedule. Do you really want to watch two hours of Biggest Loser? Of course you don’t: You’re smarter than that. The Forgotten on ABC? Give me a break. Do you care about 90210 at this point? Come on…

My wish (I know it won’t happen, because junk food like Biggest Loser gets bigger ratings, but a guy can dream) is that Tuesday, a night of higher viewership than Friday, should become the new showcase-evening for series such as my beloved Fringe, which is suffering from the Thursday-night glut of shows at 9 p.m. So is Parks and Recreation, which needs to be protected from Survivor and Bones (not that I have anything against those particular shows; it’s the time-period competition).

This is a night where NBC could have put Southland, at 9 p.m. Biggest Loser is an absolutely ideal Friday-night show — it belongs there. Hell, I’ll bet even a relocated Dollhouse would fare better on Tuesday nights.

Oh, if only we could be programmers. The ratings might go kerflooey for a while, but the quality and diversity of choices would be higher, wouldn’t it?

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