By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated October 20, 2009 at 01:31 PM EDT
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Timbaland has some very specific ideas about the video for his next single, “Morning After Dark.” Just one very specific idea, actually: Twilight. Twilight. TWILIGHT! “I want the same characters of Twilight, which I’ve almost got,” the superproducer told MTV News. “If I get Bella and Edward, it would be [ideal].”

Nor is he some vamp-fan-come-lately trying to cash in on the lucrative Twilight phenomenon. No, Tim is a true-blue Twihard. He’s even worked out an elaborate New Moon side plot for the video, featuring himself and duet partner SoShy as bloodsuckers: “We would protect [Bella] while [Edward] goes away from the other dude [Jacob] and the other people [the Cullens]…We was his last hope, he wouldn’t want to use us, the whole thing. If [Edward] calls us it would be a big payback.” Having only seen the first Twilight movie, I understood approximately one third of that quote, but sounds like my man has put some serious thought into this.

Of course, right now there’s no indication that this plan has proceeded any further than Timbaland’s fertile imagination. What do you think? Should Tim’s Twilight dream become a reality? Or would you rather he put his brainstorming energy into something else, like convincing his buddy Justin Timberlake to (please!) make another album already? Listen to Timbaland’s “Morning After Dark” after the jump — the verses are fairly unremarkable, but that freaky vocal-filter hook sure is catchy — and decide.

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