OK, that’s it, I’m calling shenanigans. We’ve witnessed MTV stop really caring about music, VH1 abandon video hits, A&E decide to have nothing to do with Arts or (arguably) Entertainment, and TLC race as far and as fast as it can from programming that could cause anyone to actually learn anything. But this was the final straw: The Weather Channel announced today that it will air feature-length movies on Friday nights starting Oct. 30.

Yes, that’s right: The. WEATHER. Channel. Granted, the first movie on the docket, The Perfect Storm, is relatively appropriate, but then we’re gonna get March of the Penguins, Misery, and, I kid you not, Deep Blue Sea. All airing on the channel you go to when you want to know the weather. Worse yet, the network will still air the weekend forecast six times an hour during said movie, which is kind of like tuning into ESPN to watch Forrest Gump (there’s running!) with occasional updates on the big games. No. Wrong. SHENANIGANS.

Tell me, PopWatchers, am I crazy? Are you really eager to flip on your TV sets to catch Twister or Hard Rain edited for time, content, and alerts every ten minutes on actual tornadoes and thunderstorms? Or do we all agree to take a stand, here and now, against so many of our beloved basic cable networks all congealing into variations on two basic themes: The Movie and TV Rerun Network or The Deeply Depressing Cheap-o Reality TV Network? Who’s with me?

Photo Credit: Claudette Barius