Music/Makes the neighbors/file a lawsuit!

The woman who lives above Madonna filed a complaint yesterday with the New York Supreme Court because of the excessively loud music she claimed to hear coming from the pop icon’s Manhattan apartment — and Madge may now face eviction, per several media reports.

According to the BBC, the neighbor, Karen George, alleges that Madge’s “invited guests repeatedly dance and/or train” to “unreasonable high decibel amplified music.” George is suing the building’s management company, who she says has done nothing about the noise since she complained a year ago. Or maybe she’s just mad she’s not on the guest list?

Two vital questions here: If the woman living above Madonna is desperately seeking silence, is the person living below her deaf? And secondly, isn’t it shocking Madonna lets anyone live above her? Yes, the apartment overlooks Central Park, but you’d think the Material Mom would be hung up exclusively on penthouses.

What would you do if Madonna’s late-night shenanigans were driving you borderline crazy? File a lawsuit or just get into the groove?

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