Credit: TLC

TLC is billing next week’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 as “You Ask, Kate Answers,” in which Kate Gosselin will answer viewers’ lingering questions. Okay, I’ll bite: Is there actually anything left that we don’t know about Kate Gosselin?

We know the details of her marriage, we’ve watched her parenting skills, we’ve seen her get surgery, we’re in the process of watching her get divorced. We’ve seen her at some high highs and strange lows. We’ve watched her substantively change, and in the process we’ve sort of changed, too; First we loathed her, then we sympathized, then we sort of just winced as she and her soon-to-be-ex-husband aired all their dirty laundry on any news outlet that would have them. It wasn’t that their personal business was particularly tawdry. If anything, it was disappointingly banal, its own self-perpetuating cliche about fame and ambition.

My question, I guess, is less for Kate and maybe more for you and for me then: What is it that makes Kate Gosselin a person of interest? Why do we watch her shows, why are we following — and in doing so, creating — her story? What part of ourselves do we see and are we afraid to see through the lens of a Jon & Kate fame cycle?

I’m guessing you have some questions of your own, though, PopWatchers. Right?

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