Thanks to all of you who’ve sent in your pop culture-related Halloween costumes for inclusion in our Best Costumes roundup the week before Halloween. (Here’s last year’s gallery.) To achieve eternal fame, upload photos of your pop culture-related Halloween costumes to Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page. Just click “add photo” on our wall and your image will appear in the Just Fans section. I just spent a decent chunk of time telling Facebook I “liked” certain things, which does not mean I dislike the others. I mean honestly where do you even stop with that? I love all of them! Juno and Bleeker, Robin Sparkles, The Dark Knight, Dr. Horrible, and Saved by the Bell were all popular with our readers in ’08, and the corporate settings behind characters like the SpongeBob crew and Princess Leia will crack you up. Powdered Toast Man from Ren & Stimpy, Rose from Dr. Who, and Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World are simply inspired. There’s even a Peggy Olson, a Kool-Aid Man/mom, and a Dumbo in a dorm room!

So stop by the EW Facebook lounge, take a look around, upload some costume photos, and while you’re there, be sure to “become a fan” of Entertainment Weekly. You’ll be rewarded with the EW extras we’re cooking up for our growing Facebook page, like upcoming bonus video footage, contests, games…not to mention that we’d just really appreciate it. That’s it! And for the last time, elderly supply teacher, just because Amy looks pregnant for Halloween does NOT mean she’s pregnant. Party on.

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