Friday Night Lights

I just realized that headline is a tiny bit intentionally bait-and-switchy misleading. What I meant to say is Aimee Teegarden is taking over as my acting coach. Allow me to explain: Among the things I gained a greater appreciation for during my visit to Friday Night Lights‘ Austin-based set last week was the difficult job the show’s bleacher babes have pretend-reacting to what they’re being told is happening on the field. Over and over and over again. As you’ll see in the below video, Teegarden graciously agreed to teach me some of her signature moves, including “The Touchdown,” “The Injury,” and, “The Tornado.” I think we can all agree I’m a pretty fast learner. (BTW, look for more video from my FNL set visit — including interviews with Kyle Chandler and Jesse Plemons — early next week.)

Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights
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