It’s a showrunner’s prerogative to change his mind. So, although he insisted he wasn’t killing off any characters in this November’s big Wisteria Lane plane crash, Desperate Housewives boss man Marc Cherry has decided, on second thought, to kill several, including one that my mole says is a fan favorite. But who? Beats me, but frontrunners for the ill-fated fan fave, as far as I can see, are:

Orson: How do you write a klepto-killing blackmailer like this out of the corner he’s in? You write him out, period.

Karl: By the time his affair with Bree ends in disaster (and it will), Susan’s ex will have tried out pretty much every mattress in the neighborhood. Maybe now it’s time for him to test-drive a coffin.

Katherine: Time’s running out before her nervous breakdown stops being funny and starts being sad. Maybe she’d be better off if time was simply up.

Andrew: Shawn Pyfrom asked to be taken off contract this season so that he could pursue other interests in his free time. Having a plane crash into his character would give him even more free time, now wouldn’t it?

Julie: Given all her problems this season (pregnancy scare, adulterous affair, near-death strangulation, having Susan as a mother, etc.), I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran into the path of the plane.

Bob and/or Lee: These two are so dullsville, I vote for taking both of them out and turning the keys to their house over to Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family.

Jackson: It’s a classic soap opera twist: A well-liked character vanishes, only to return on the very day tragedy strikes. But Cherry wouldn’t be that cruel… or would he?

So who do you think will bite it? And remember, the doomed character may not be on the above list – my guesses are educated, sure, but not infallible – so feel free to suggest your own candidate(s) below…

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