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Allison Iraheta

Friday I will not be over this…no way in hell. In fact, the Idoloonie within may never quite be the same after getting an exclusive first look at the cover art for Allison Iraheta’s debut album, Just Like You, due December 1 via 19 Recordings/Jive. I’d compare my current condition to someone who just dove into a swimming pool holding a plugged-in extension cord, except for instead of getting a lethal dose of electricity, I’ve been fried by pure joy. Call me crazy, but after watching Allison’s amazing season 8 trajectory — from that sizzling and unexpected first impression on “Alone” to that beyond-her-years take on “I Can’t Make You Love Me” to that gut-wrenching exit performance of “Cry Baby” — it’s a beautiful thing to see her dreams of music stardom on the brink of being realized. Also? That belt? A jangly delight! The hair? A perfect explosion from the fuchsia end of the Crayola box! And the slight hint of a smirk? I like to think of it as a not-so-subtle message to a certain Idol judge who never quite gave her the respect she was entitled to. (No, we will not sully this moment with his name.) What’s more, and as I’m sure is obvs to everyone, the heat of Allison’s music is melting the paint on the wall behind her. Yes? Yes. Now, let’s go straight to the slow clap. Rocker saved. Rocker signed. Rocker pre-ordered. (To get first dibs on all my Idol news and blathering, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)