Whitney Houston suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction on Sunday night’s most-watched episode ever of British talent competition X-Factor when the strap on the back of her dress popped open (about 2:20 in the video below) midway through her performance. At first she seems genuinely surprised and even gives an embarrassing shrug. But it’s at about 2:30 in the clip that rage rears its head — likely the moment her stylist packed up and quietly left the building rather than wait backstage for the imminent beatdown that surely awaited (notice the “Who will answer for this?!” glance around the stage at the end). If the stylist is still alive and well today, it’s only because Ms. Houston hadn’t also tripped over the long train on that gown, but I’d venture a guess that his or her days of working for Whitney are Oh-Oh-Ooooh-Oh-ver.