ABC is taking to the skies to hype its upcoming alien invasion series V: Skywriting! It’s true. ABC will be clouding blue skies with big ole Vs to generate buzz for the series and confuse fans of True Blood. It’s a fine way to promote something, especially if you subscribe to the belief “If it’s good enough for Tori and Dean, it’s good enough for [my product].” I can only assume this was the first draft of the skywriting pitch (I watch Mad Men, I know how “pitches” work):

I guess it makes sense then that they settled on just “V,” especially because ABC has impressively nabbed the first Google hit for the 22nd letter — which had been V for Vendetta for ages. Luckily there are no constants edging it out, unlike for C (speed of light) or K (Boltzmann constant).

Anyway, this raises the (inevitable?) question: What are the greatest moments in skywriting pop history? “Surrender Dorothy” has to take top honors, but I’d put Big Fish‘s swoon-worthy writing next, followed by Celebrity, and then by the Simpsons episode “I’m with Cupid.”

Are there clouds in your coffee, PopWatchers? What great moments in skywriting did I leave off my list?