It seems Lily Allen is intent on reopening a year-old spat with Elton John — judging by the music video for her latest single “Who’d Have Known.”

Last September, the pair hosted the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, during which Allen surprised no one by becoming soused and swearing onstage. Being a knight and all that, Elton John felt the need to stand up for propriety and hint that Allen should stop with the champagne. Allen succinctly replied, “F– off Elton, I’m 40 years younger than you, I have my whole life ahead of me.” His response? “I could still snort you under the table.”

Yeah, it’s hard to say who the real “victor” was in that argument, but in her new video Lily tries to have the final diss. Covered in eyeshadow thick enough to make Julie Newmar blush, Lily abducts Sir Elton (shown in photos, but played by a look-alike), ties him up in her living room, and forces him to profess his love for her. Watch the British songstress seductively torment the Crocodile Rocker below:

The whole thing seems strangely believable, which is either a testament to her acting skills or an indication that she should seek therapy. At the same 2008 awards show, Lily also announced that she’d take Tony Bennett to bed in spite of his age. Let’s hope there’s not a music video following up on that in her future.

What do you think? Is this whole thing funny or disturbing? By our reckoning, it’s still not the creepiest Elton John-related video out there.