If you thought We Were Once a Fairytale, the Spike Jonze-directed short film starring Kanye West, sounded strange based on early reports this summer, wait until you actually see this thing. The 11-minute piece has hit the Web (h/t), and those first viewers weren’t exaggerating. A wasted-seeming Kanye wanders through a club, acting a pompous fool and generally embarassing himself before passing out — only to vomit pink flower petals and (spoiler alert!) confront a creepy/cute demon creature that is living inside his abdomen when he awakes.

Yeah, like I said, pretty weird. Also possibly NSFW depending on how your workplace feels about sex-and-violence-drenched dream sequences. Is We Were Once a Fairytale any good, though? I’m not quite sure. I do know that I couldn’t look away. Disoriented by his own fame, lashing out drunkenly at an incomprehensible world — if this is what a night out is like for Kanye, I feel bad for the guy. Certainly his experiences after this film was completed make for a provocative context. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this, and We Were Once a Fairytale is just a movie.

What do you say? How does this short film compare to Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are? (I actually think the two works have quite a bit in common.) Watch We Were Once a Fairytale after the jump and weigh in.

UPDATE: Whoops — We Were Once a Fairytale has been removed from the site where it was streaming. For now, you can watch a partial version missing the first two minutes on YouTube; Pitchfork has a link to the full clip.

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