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When I first saw the phrase “Timur Bekmambetov’s Black Lightning,” I wondered to myself, “Did I miss the announcement that the director of Wanted was taking on one of DC Comics’ most prominent African-American superheroes?” And then I watched the trailer. Now, while my Russian is a little rusty — what little I know, I gleaned from Chris Claremont’s X-Men comics and The Hunt for Red October — I’m pretty sure I don’t see any black people here:

What I do see is a boy and his super-powered car righting wrongs and getting chicks. Kind of like Herbie the Love Bug meets Christine, with a wee bit of Transformers. A little research also reveals that Black Lightning isn’t directed by Bekmambetov; rather he’s only producing. But it looks like fun, in a Speed Racer kind of way. (I’ll get into my love for Speed Racer another time.)

What do you think? Worth enduring the painful dubbing job to check out?

  • Movie
  • 143 minutes
  • Michael Bay