I don’t think so.

With all the crazy stuff going on in Desperate Housewives this season — personally, I could just watch Dana Delany go wacko and squabble with anyone in sight for about half an hour every week — the subplot about Drea de Matteo’s Angie, her phony-baloney husband (I like Jeffrey Nordling, but… ), their boring son Danny, and her scar just doesn’t seem to add up to anything promising, a month into the new season now.

I know there were other things to dislike about this week’s episode, chief among them the jokes about Lynette’s pregnancy-swelled breasts, twin plot devices that got repetitive and obvious fast.

But even with the final-moments reveal that Nordling’s character is doing something very naughty, this new-neighbor plot still feels too similar to the deadly Betty Applewhite story-arc (I feel badly for Alfre Woodard, now stuck co-starring on the seemingly-doomed Three Rivers opposite Housewives on CBS!). Angie, like Betty, just isn’t interacting enough with the other star-women, and the character is positioned as a permanent outsider.

Maybe you disagree? Have you figured out what the significance of Angie’s scar is? What did you think of the final moments of this week’s episode with the revelation about Nordling’s character? Are you caring about these people?

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