By Annie Barrett
Updated October 16, 2009 at 02:44 PM EDT

Do you follow celebrities on Twitter? (“Celebrity” = “more famous than Slezak.”) Starting today, we’ll be looking for the most ridiculous 140-character-or-less celebrity missive of the week. Leave your nominations in the comments below (or @EWPopWatch), and we’ll post a poll later on today so that everyone can vote. Right now I’m leaning towards what is possibly the most coherent and yet still bizarre @KirstieAlley tweet to date: “Isn’t it funny? we just make up all this s— and suddenly it’s how we make a living..gotta love free enterprize.hey isn’t that Star trek?” Then again, @Kanye is back after a month-long Twitter hiatus as of last night. He couldn’t resist: “I know I said I’d bite my tounge but 6 AMA noms for a 19 year oLd?!?! Two albums!? F— that!!!!!” Oh, just noticed this from @RainnWilson yesterday, re: Balloon Boy: “that kid should be put in another balloon to float away, his screams echoing off the rockies.” Nominate your favorite offbeat celeb tweet ot the week below!

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