A segment between six-year-old Falcoln Heene’s family and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer last night has fueled skepticism over the “balloon boy” incident. We all let out a collective sigh of relief when, after hours of watching a foil balloon we were told the boy had crawled into sail across the Colorado landscape, Falcon was later discovered safe and sound in his attic. But in this seg, Falcon is asked why he didn’t come downstairs when he heard everyone calling his name, and the seemingly confused young boy answers “we did this for the show.”

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the Heenes, who previously caught a whiff of fame as a Wife Swap family, happened to find themselves wrapped up in this huge media spectacle. And perhaps it’s irrelevant that telegenic father Richard Heene drags his entire family, kids and all, with him on wild storm chases and has submitted “Mars Civilization Proof” conspiracy videos to CNN’s iReport. Perhaps.

Richard Heene and his family were on the Today Show this morning, and Richard said this was “absolutely not” a hoax and that he is getting “ticked off” by accusations that the incident was anything but a horrfying ordeal for his family (Meredith Viera pointed out that the local Sherriff’s office says it believes the Heenes’ account of what happened). Though it’s worth noting that Falcon vomits in the middle of the interview (at about 5:50 in), and he also got sick in the middle of the Good Morning America segment (at 4:15 remaining point) this morning — no matter what the case, shouldn’t that kid be left alone to rest at this point?

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Was this just a big mistake with a happy ending, or was the whole thing a hoax cooked up by former reality show personalities? Take the poll and then share your thoughts in the comments.