Survivor: Samoa‘s Ashley Trainer was pretty psyched when her tribemate Russell took her under his wing and protected her from elimination for a few weeks, even while she was blowing challenges left and right. But she was less than thrilled once she got back home only to see her biggest ally constantly mock her intelligence and refer to her as part of his “dumb-ass girl alliance.” Well, now it’s Ashley’s turn to strike back! The booted contestant discusses her true feelings about Russell. Not only that, but she has company in her hatred via special co-host Courtney Yates of Survivor: China fame. Courtney has opinions alright, and she’s not afraid to share them. But can she share in a special Survivor Talk Smoothie? You’ll have to watch to find out, but WARNING: You do NOT want to see this right before or after eating. Okay, you’ve been advised. Click on the video below if you feel prepared to proceed. Oh, and in the late-to-the-game department, I just started Twittering today, so if you want to get the latest Survivor scoop or random pop culture ramblings delivered right to your proverbial door, you can follow me on my new Twitter page. It would be an honor to have you. Okay, get ready for a tasty treat!