The former ''Veronica Mars'' star is starring in ''Couple Retreat'' and ''Astro Boy"

1. The last time I used a coupon: All the time. I would literally kill a man for the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. They’re like gold. I’d steal them from my neighbors.

2. My most embarrassing TiVo Season Pass: I have no shame with my TiVo. I’m proud to tape Tool Academy. Last season was absolutely fantastic — this season is off the hook.

3. The voice I want on my car’s GPS device: James Earl Jones. He’s very soothing. He makes me want to cuddle.

4. My strangest fan request: He could be looked at as a fan or perhaps a young entrepreneur, but I was asked to be in the calendar of ‘Girls and Corpses.’ And that is real. Look it up.

5. The Saved by the Bell character I looked up to: Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies). I really wanted her wardrobe. She was so carefree, and everyone was in love with her. But I probably identified more with Screech just because I was the runt of the group wherever I went.

6. Which of my male costars from Couples Retreat would look best in a coconut bra:
· Jason Bateman
· Jon Favreau
· Faizon Love
· Carlos Ponce
· Vince Vaughn
He’s got nice cups.

7. The first thing I raid in a hotel-room minibar: Diet Coke and Toblerone. That’s a perfectly acceptable dinner for me.

8. Pick a TV couple:
A. Sam & Diane (Cheers)
B. Lucy & Ricky (I Love Lucy)
C. Ross & Rachel (Friends)
D. Jim & Pam (The Office)
I often feel like Lucy. I’m very prone to mischief and accidents. And I like how Ricky never truly yelled at her. He just always said she had explaining to do. She never really got into trouble.