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30 Rock! I missed you! The season premiere was back in top-quotable form, so here are the 10 best lines, in chronological order:

“‘You got cheezy-blaahaasters!…Thanks, Meat Cat!'” — Liz, who then tried to eat her cheezyblaster with chopsticks

“Pete’s stealing money.”/”Liz’s uterus fell out.” — Liz and Pete’s feeble cover-up. Pete! Yay! I miss Scott Adsit when he’s not on episodes.

“You two have built protective shell around me, like a hermit crab, or a mermaid boobie!” — Tracy, who mistakenly thinks Moby’s teahouse is in Park Slope. It’s in Manhattan.

“Bonus means extra! I know that! From game shows!” — Kenneth

“I’m in the middle of a raging period…of economic turmoil.” — Jack

“What do we want? To get your sandwiches! When do we want it? Whenever would be convenient for you!” — The Pages on strike

“Can I guess your name? Is it Pedro? Is it Crackford? Is it swimming?” — Tracy, trying to make friends with “normal” people

“Pete and I are intercourseing each other.” — Liz, coining my new favorite synonym for sex

“If it’s a blond woman, I’m going to kill myself!” — Jenna, delivering her best scream/crazysqueal ever

“Or as you would call it, bonus turtle meat.” — Kenneth, before Jack reached for his for-display-only Golden Girls glass to fill with Robitussin

“Season 4” had strong moments and was a solid start to the new season, but it didn’t ever hit that zany or outrageously inventive satirical sweet spot some episodes of 30 Rock do, no matter how catchy “Tennis Night in America” managed to be.

What’d you think, PopWatchers? And was the Jay Leno dig too much, or totally in keeping with the show’s attitude and sauciness?

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Photo credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

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