Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano popped by Chelsea Handler’s show last night to plug his new book Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self. But of course, you can’t put two mini-divas like that in a room together without expecting some fur to fly (check out the clip, below).

At first, it almost seems like Handler is playing a little too rough. “I like your Kate Gosselin haircut,” she snipes, barely waiting for Siriano to sit down.

But if anybody can play that game, it’s the guy who introduced “trannylicious” to the pop lexicon. “Thank you,” Siriano shoots back. “Yours is cute. Very Tori Spelling.”

Well played, sir. The verbal hair-pulling continues throughout the interview, but it becomes pretty clear that these two are perfect frenemies; they can both give as good as they get. And they’re not afraid of a little behind-the-back bitching either. Here’s what Siriano had to say about a few of his best celeb pals.

On Tori: “Love me some Smelling.”

On Victoria Beckham: “V.B. Love her. She’s gorgeous.” (To which Handler replies, “Well, V.B. is better than V.D. So there’s that.”)

On Heidi Klum: “I maybe will see her tonight. Who knows. Tranny Klum is busy.”

Admit it PopWatchers: How much would you love to watch these two host a red carpet? Or guest judge an episode of Project Runway? Or just bitch in front of a green screen for half an hour? I’d add that to my DVR faster than you could say “fiercetrannyhotness.”

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