Hard to believe it’s been over seven years since Mel Gibson starred in a movie (seriously, not since 2002’s Signs). Of course, the Aussie star has been up to plenty in the meantime, but we won’t get into that right now. The important thing is, he’s back. But do you still want to watch him?

The trailer for Gibson’s brand-new conspiracy thriller Edge of Darkness just leaked today, and it puts the actor back in full-on Ransom mode: After witnessing the murder of his daughter, Gibson’s character, a homicide detective, uncovers a sinister government plot that put her in harm’s way. And then…he starts breaking stuff. Windows. Noses. You name it.

I’ve got some qualms about Mel’s Boston accent, but otherwise it looks like Darkness could be a taut, Taken-style thriller — especially since Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is at the helm. Check out the clip (below), and then let us know what you think. Could this be Mel’s big comeback? Or is he just on the edge of failure?