The Internet hills are alive with talk of, well, Meghan McCain’s hills. Last night, the 24-year-old daughter of former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain posted a photo of herself on her personal Twitter page captioned “my ‘spontaneous’ night in…” which showed her clutching an Andy Warhol biography to her rather spectacular expanse of nearly chin-grazing bosom. The image quickly garnered attention far outside her 63,500 followers — and resulted in a rash of emotional tweets from McCain herself, including: “so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut,” and “why I have been considering deleting my Twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment.”

Today, she posted an apology, calling the episode “an embarrassing experience but also a learning one,” and tweeting, “I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.”

Some commenters were not amused, including one melissajenna who wrote, “You knew you were posting a nearly NSFW [not safe for work] photo, so don’t pretend like you’re surprised at people’s reaction.” Another said, “You don’t have to pull cheap gags like this to get attention. Leave this to the Paris Hiltons of the world.” The picture has since been removed.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should McCain be held to a different standard than fellow Twitterers like Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan, who’ve been known to post a boobalicious pic or two? Or is all this just a tempest in a D-cup?

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