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Credit: Beyonce: John Spellman/Retna Ltd; Gaga: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Readers, can you smell it? That heady perfume is Eau de Double Diva (top notes of glitter, hair extension glue and crushed strobe-light musk), harkening the news that Beyonce and Lady Gaga will be appearing together in B’s video for her latest Sasha Fierce single, “Video Phone.”

Director Hype Williams confirmed today that the top-secret shoot took place over the weekend in Brooklyn, though he refused to provide details.

Sources from the set have said only that Gaga adds an extra verse not found on the album, that there is elaborate choreography and that Beyoncé wears “a feathered dress” while Gaga will appear in (shocker) “something wild … the fashion is sick and insane.”

The mind reels, Music Mixers. It really does. How do you picture the meeting of these two pantsless wonders?

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