With homelessness already on the rise in the U.S., yesterday we got another bit of bad news: Fox Reality Channel is officially closing its doors in March, leaving scores of trash TV series and their aspiring “stars” without a place to rest their heads. Where will the tired (Punk’d), the weak (Househusbands of Hollywood, pictured), and the weary (Rob & Amber: Against the Odds) of reality TV go now? (Paradise Hotel, you can crash at my place anytime.)

But even more importantly, could this signify some kind of saturation point for reality TV? Did Fox Reality Channel falter because Americans have finally had their fill of watching other Americans humiliate themselves in ever weirder ways?

Sadly, my guess is no. I think the channel failed because reality TV shows — like McDonald’s apple pies — are only delicious when served hot. (And, good god, are they ever delicious like that.) A stale series just feels pointless and passé. That’s why these shows generally have trouble finding syndication on other channels: nobody wants to watch yesterday’s reality.

What about you PopWatchers? Will you mourn the loss of Fox Reality Channel? Or are you too busy watching new shows to care?

Photo Credit: Carin Baer/Fox Reality Channel