One of the many awesome things about Cougar Town is the way it sheds a light on the insane insecurities (I assume) we all feel about our bodies in this airbrushed, carb-cutting culture of ours. (BTW, anyone see this mess about the Ralph Lauren model who says she was fired for being “overweight” at 5’10” and 120 lbs?) Last night’s episode featured a comic gift that kept on giving: the evil-yet-fascinating magnifying mirror (which, personally, I think should only exist in hotel rooms). “I have so many chin whiskers I look like carny-folk!” cried Jules, while Laurie gasped that her pores resembled “bullet holes.” That mirror of doom nicely paralleled Jules and Bobby’s 18-year-old sex tape, which unexpectedly resurfaced to get dissected by Jules, Ellie, and Laurie, and later by Jules and Bobby. I loved how Jules shut off the tape before things got “all intercoursey” only to come back to the room to find Ellie (“stop hurting Jules!”) and Laurie had pressed play again. And the wicked web of lies — “News!” “Tootsie!” “TV’s broken!” — that greeted bewildered Travis’ innocuous query about what the ladies were watching had me howling with laughter. (Just as funny: Andy’s query about whether his and Ellie’s sex tape was in slow motion.) And while the episode’s main story arc — Jules desperately tries to get Grayson to reciprocate her “I think you’re attractive” feelings — was perhaps its least believable, it was worth it for the sight of Jules getting into full-battle hair, makeup, and clothing to take out the trash, then killing the effect with a “sexy” swing of the sack that launched pad Thai into her hair.

With Cougar Town settling into its groove in episode 4, the writers seem more comfortable than ever inserting hilariously random bits of conversation into the mix. Jules demanding over the phone that Ellie change channels to see a show about “women who didn’t know they were pregnant having babies in toilets”; Laurie offering rapid-fire critiques of shirt-skirt-shoe combos of female passers-by; Andy proudly announcing “missionary accomplished” when his neighbors suspect he got lucky; Laurie telling frenemy Ellie that she’s “hot — for a frigid, beastly elderly woman”; Ellie explaining the joy of being mean (“[It’s] such a rush. It’s like that feeling you get when someone loses weight, and then they brag about it, and then they gain it all back.”).

That said, my favorite part of the episode involved Jules’ “night snack” — a giant cinnamon roll — eaten smashed on the backside of a frying pan. But rather than kill the joke by explaining it in detail, I’ve embedded the clip below. Check it out, and then share your own review of last night’s Cougar Town in the comments section below!

Image Credit: Adam Larkey/ABC

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