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ABC’s Cougar Town seems to be a hit with viewers, but it’s also making waves with fashionistas, who wrote in to EW’s Style Hunter to find out more about the styles from the show. Here, we have the answers to your burning questions!

Jules (Courteney Cox Arquette) jumps back into the dating pool as a newly single mom in this purple Cynthia Steffe dress (; $221.25) that she wore on her date with her new squeeze, Josh. As you can see from the show, Jules is a big fan of dresses (i.e. Tory Burch, Black Halo). Why so many?

“Jules lives in Florida, where there’s a Southern mentality to look put together, and dresses are a great way to convey that,” says CT‘s costume designer, Kimberly Tillman, who previously worked with Cox Arquette on F/X’s Dirt. “Plus, it’s funny to see her running around in a little dress and high heels, like I Love Lucy where she gets herself into silly situations.”

And for those who asked, the orange floral dress Jules wore in the pilot is by Versace (; $628) — and now on sale!

As for the adorable turtle necklace Jules has worn in a few episodes, it’s made by Jennifer Meyer, a.k.a. Mrs. Tobey Macguire and, reportedly, a good friend of Cox Arquette’s. Jules wears Jennifer Meyer Jewelry’s 18K yellow gold turtle with diamond eyes (; $1,500).

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Photo: (top) Richard Cartwright/ABC; (bottom); Michael Desmond/ABC

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