Mary Murphy, the voluble judge on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, reveals in Us Magazine that she suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-husband for nine years. Murphy says her unnamed former spouse sexually assaulted her three months into their marriage. “We’d had another jealous fight, screaming, crashing over furniture, and he said, ‘I want to have sex,’” Murphy tells the magazine. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?! We’re fighting here!’ He said, ‘You’re my wife, and you’ll do what I tell you!’ I pulled out a kitchen knife and screamed, ‘You’re going to have to stab me, because I’m not having sex with you!’ He knocked it out of my hands, held me down and raped me.” She goes on to detail years of beatings and sexual assault, followed by gifts to assuage the abuse. “In the first year or two, I’d fight back, but eventually, I’d just lie there. Get it over with, I thought. It’ll be quick anyway.” Murphy’s former husband calls the allegations “flat-out lies.”