Megan Fox
Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos

Megan Fox will follow in the stiletto-ed footsteps of Victoria Beckham and be the new female face of Emporio Armani Underwear. She’ll also star in the Armani Jeanshorts campaign, reports. Although we’ll have to wait until January to see her print ads and billboards (bets on how many news stories we’ll read about wrecks caused by rubbernecking?), I just realized something: Armani doesn’t actually market bras and panties to the women who’ll wear them. It markets to the men it hopes will buy them as gifts. Am I wrong, or am I just someone who would never look at something that Beckham or Fox wore and think, Oh, I can pull that off!? Maybe women are supposed to associate Beckham’s and Fox’s eff-you attitudes with the bad girls we’re all hiding underneath our clothes? (Still sounds like something a straight man would hope for.)

Regardless, Fox’s campaign is sure to be steamy. She certainly fogged our lens…

Photo credit: Solarpix/PR Photos