I’ve heaped my share of praise upon Glee, and have argued with a few people I’ve encountered who’ve started whining that the show is overrated. It’s not: It’s fresh, it’s funny, and if you watched tonight, you saw that it knows who its most valuable player is. (If you haven’t watched this week’s Glee yet, spoilers ahead, beware.)

This week’s episode, called “Throwdown,” was possibly the best showcase yet for Jane Lynch. As imperious gym teacher Sue Sylvester, she’s the greatest Broadway-musical villain to ever co-star in a TV series. (My favorite Sue line this week: when she referred to the piano “this black shiny thing.”)

However: I think the pregnancy subplot is dragging down the show, and tonight that subplot nearly derailed an otherwise-excellent episode. Terri’s fake pregnancy and Quinn’s real one started out a few weeks ago as an interesting way to insert some realism and tension into a delightfully surreal musical-comedy universe. By now, however, I watch Glee and feel sorry for Jessalyn Gelsig. I’ll bet the actress didn’t initially sign on to have her character Terri become a shrill, lying nag whose main function is to bring husband Will — and by extension, us — down.

And tonight, she and her sister (a garish cartoon who exists only to further the pregnancy plotting) went to the extreme of blackmailing Terri’s doctor into conducting a fake sonogram for Will’s teary benefit. That’s just creepy.

Yes, of course, I get it: Glee cannot be one solid hour of one-liners and spontaneous musical combustion. But there’s got to be a better way to ground the series in a serious plot-line that doesn’t make you wish the pregnancy plot was all just a non-musical dream sequence.

Do you agree? Disagree?