Miley Cyrus

There are three instances when I listen to music — working out, while I cook (some light Bebel Gilberto tunes), and when I go out to dance. Yes, I know we have a lot of serious music listeners here at EW, but I, for one, am proud to say that my cup of tea is the top 40, trash-tastic mainstream hits, the ones that everyone hoots and hollers for when played at dive bars with a grungy dancefloors.

“Material Girl”? I’m there. Britney’s “Gimme More”? Yes please.

So as if to answer my call for such party-appropriate playlists, my friend shared with me, a site that boasts all the dance-worthy hits, organized by Classic, Techno, 80s, After Party, and other categories.

The creators, who on their site swear they were never in frats, acknowledge what I’ve always thought but have never been able to own up to — that frats always play the best music. (By the way, I went to a school with a Greek population of about 40 percent, so I have some experience.) Let me clarify that “best” is a relative term, and in this case it refers to the type of music enjoyed by people who like to pump their Britney loudly and proudly.

My favorite categories have to be the For the Ladies and Throwback Rap playlists. Miley’s “Party in the USA” in the same place as Warren G’s “Regulate”? Finally!

The site updates its selections regularly — so PopWatchers, what songs do need to add to the mix?