Dean Koontz, the suspense/horror author who, in our hearts and our alphabetical bookshelves, comes right after Stephen King, has just signed on with Bantam Books to write three more entries in his popular Frankenstein series.

The initial novels were paperback bestsellers, but these upcoming sequels will be hardcover. The first, Lost Souls, will pick up the storyline two years following events in the last book, Dead and Alive.

“I really enjoy writing this series,” said Koontz in the press release. “Its special conventions allow me to explore the timeless themes of the Frankenstein story—man’s story—from an entirely fresh perspective.”

Ol’ Bolt-Neck has had quite a few unconventional incarnations (from Mel Brooks to the Edgar Winter Group), so I guess three more won’t hurt. I admit to not having read any of the books, but is anybody out there a big fan and happy that this series is, ahem, ALIVE?!