The Weekly World News is going Hollywood, offering up rights to its colorful cast of “characters” and developing a TV show with DreamWorks. Presuming it doesn’t take the fake-newsy angle that the short-lived mid-’90s show based on the fantastical tabloid did, could this actually be cool? I think so — done right, of course. It could go sci-fi drama (Lost) or it could go ironic kitsch (the Land of the Lost movie). It could fit in nicely with the likes of FlashForward and Fringe, both of which feature phenomena the WWN would be all over reporting — and maybe even serve as a fun send-up of the genre. Again, if done right — though it does seem to be up DreamWorks’ Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters alley, which gives me hope.

So what kinds of characters and plotlines could we be in for? Everything from a UFO Alien who correctly predicts U.S. presidential elections to a Lake Erie Monster who tried out for Saturday Night Live. There’s the world’s richest hamster, a Man-agator (half human, half alligator), and, of course, Bat Boy (see the video clip below). Men who’ve lived 16 times or carried an unborn twin inside their heads. A shrinking woman. A baby born with a World War I Naval tattoo. A “triangle of the damned” off the coast of Italy. The mind boggles at the story fodder, really. (Seriously “Aliens” and “Mutants” are section headers alongside Celebs, Politics, and Sports on the WWN website.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? Could the WWN redeem itself with a TV show? What plots and characters would you like to see in such a series? Would you like to see it take a serious sci-fi approach or a more satirical one?