We already know that 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan is a bit like his on-screen persona, Tracy Jordan: unpredictable, hysterical, and just a little nuts. So why shouldn’t his memoir — I Am the New Black, which goes on sale Oct. 20 — be anything but unhinged?

Morgan is predictably honest about his upbringing and extracurricular activities in his book, even admitting that he once took his uncomfortable 30 Rock castmates to an illegal strip joint in New York City. But he’s also surprisingly candid about his professional life — not to mention his attitudes toward former co-workers. When discussing his 10-year stint on Saturday Night Live, Morgan writes that he was disrespected by fellow cast members Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri, and quickly turns the tables on the comics. (“Where’s Chris Kattan now? Where’s Cheri Oteri now? That bitch can’t even get arrested.”)

But the feud doesn’t end there. Apparently, Morgan’s anger is so deep-seated, he went off-script while recording his audiobook (A tip of the hat to for finding this clip.): “They never going to host Saturday Night Live. And I don’t mean — that’s not even me, but that’s what happened to me over there. They never treated me well. There were people that treated me beautifully, like Will Ferrell and Colin Quinn and Molly Shannon — I love them. But Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan — I never cared for them either. F— ’em.”

Loopy as he may be, I never thought of Morgan as a trash-talker. But the whole excerpt does make me curious about what went down behind the scenes. Even though we don’t know the circumstances, are you Team Tracy, or Team Cheri and Chris? And what are the best Saturday Night Live feuds in history? (Jay Mohr v. Lorne Michaels, anyone?)