You’ve probably seen the commercials for The Stepfather, a thriller opening this weekend starring Nip/Tuck‘s Dylan Walsh in both the title role and in his latest attempt to succeed on the big screen. (By the way, Nip/Tuck‘s new, final season begins tomorrow night.)

But you don’t have to wait for Friday. You can see The Stepfather today on DVD. I mean the original, terrific, 1987 version, starring Terry O’Quinn, before he was Locke on Lost, in the title role.

Check out O’Quinn’s cool ominousness here (warning: you get your Locke naked for a little bit here):

Working from a script by the great crime writer Donald E. Westlake, director Joseph Ruben crafted a spiffy tale about a neat, calm murderer who insinuates himself into the lives of his new wife (Shelley Hack, proving she could act well beyond the demands of Charlie’s Angels) and his stepdaughter Jill Schoelen (fun fact: she was engaged to Brad Pitt for three months).

As for the new Stepfather, just judging from this trailer that goes heavy on the additional TV-bait presence of Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley, I have no idea about its hit potential:

But I do know that the Stepfather that’s out now on DVD is a wonderfully creepy little thriller.

What do you think? Any interest in seeing either Stepfather?