Good news, everybody! It’s here: the fancy DVD set of every Futurama episode ever made, plus all four Futurama movies, comes out today! As if that weren’t enough awesome, it all comes packaged in a limited edition, numbered Bender head case. It is literally the coolest thing in my office right now, including my Itchy and Scratchy toys (maybe even including my Muppets…I’ll have to think on that). Here’s the knock on the set, though: There are no new extras. So if you’ve been spending your Bachelor Chow budget on Futurama DVDs for the last little while, then you already own everything the set has to offer, except for that nifty Bender head that holds all 19 discs (72 episodes). The set retails for $199, but you can find it cheaper online.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Are you willing to pay up to stare directly into Bender’s piercing eyes? Does the lack of new extras scare you off? How about the promise of more Futurama episodes to come? Does that mean in a few years there’ll be a whole new complete collection set, maybe this time in Bender’s shiny metal ass? We can only hope.