Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I bumped into a friend last night who happens to be an Oscar voter (not to mention a shrewd Oscar campaigner), and during our conversation, my friend floated an interesting theory. This particular person (and you know who you are), who is not working on the film in any way, believes wholeheartedly that The Hangover will be one of the 10 eventual Best Picture nominees.

Sorry, should I have asked you all to sit down before you read that?

Anyway, I immediately was dubious of this idea. I mean, can a movie featuring a detestable lead character (not you, Bradley Cooper, just the guy you played), unnecessarily offensive dialogue (“Paging Dr. F—-t?”) and sloppy editing really make it into the Best Picture race? And if so, what would that say about whether it truly was the best idea for the Academy to open up the field?

Or, on the other hand, does my friend actually have a point here? Even Hangover haters have to admit the moviedoes boast an irresistible premise, a brilliant structure, and an amazing comedic performance by Zach Galifianakis, who could just be a stealth Best Supporting Actor contender if the movie’s campaign takes off. With several of the big-ticket “Oscar movies” destined to disappoint, perhaps a bona fide summer blockbuster will occupy a slot (or two) of the top 10. Should we all steel ourselves for a Star Trek vs. Hangover smackdown? Or could they both end up making the cut? Maybe people will watch the Oscars next year after all.

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Photo credit: Frank Masi