When news broke of three-time Daytime Emmy-winner Jonathan Jackson’s return to General Hospital as Lucky Spencer on October 27, fans were abuzz. And why not? He’s the actor many of us fell in love with first as the on-the-run spawn of Luke and Laura Spencer, then as the stalwart love of beautiful Elizabeth Webber. It was his face we mourned when we thought Lucky had died in a fire. His return has us harkening back to the good old days of the Fab Four –Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily, and Nikolas. Emily may be killed off now but the other three (including the original Nikolas — Tyler Christopher) are embroiled in a love triangle…unbeknownst to Lucky. The departing Greg Vaughn has done an admirable job with a character who’s been written as earnest (he’s Johnny Law to his father’s rebel) if not the brightest bulb (a girlfriend’s fake pregnancy, Elizabeth’s carrying another man’s child). But there’s plenty of hope that Jackson, who’s been on shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, will bring back the warm fuzzy feelings that many had for the show back when he was there.