Break out the Victorian fainting couch: January Jones and her boobs are on the cover of GQ. There’s a story about her, too, which I doubt people will read. They should — she talks about the O’Hare Airport Chili’s as early as the first paragraph. I drooled a little.

Paging Elisabeth Moss! Starring on Broadway was nice and all, but now that Jones’ much-more-ample-than-we-thought bosom has graced GQ, and newly married Christina Hendricks having already established herself as spokesperson for looking like a real lady, big boobs and all, in 2009, Moss might want to consider focusing her attention on loftier, more empowering goals, like becoming the next Mad Men woman to have her breasts plastered all over the Internet. It’s an important rite of passage in a sophisticated young actress’ life! Time to start shopping for some deep V’s, Pegster. (Which she should be doing anyway.)

Doesn’t it look like January Jones’ breasts are 2 of the 5 Reasons to Have Faith in the Future of Cars? I can live without ever knowing the other 3.

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