Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Fox

PopWatchers, here’s your venue to cheer or vent about tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen season finale, during which Chef Ramsay selected _____ to become the Head Chef at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia (don’t worry, West Coast viewers, I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the winner; the comments section, on the other hand, is fair game). So, my Kitchen patrons, what’d you all think? Did the right chef win? How terrifying was it to see Robert return to the kitchen? And I, for one, marveled at how deftly the show’s editors were able to ratchet up the tension, ultimately crafting a finale that was more enthralling than it had any right to be. PopWatchers, were you likewise entertained? And will you be returning to Hell’s Kitchen for Season 7?

I’ll be posting a full recap Wednesday morning (UPDATE: Hell’s Kitchen recap is live), but for now, have at it below (and, again, West Coasters, don’t read the comments if you’re trying to avoid spoilers).