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Updated October 13, 2009 at 01:20 PM EDT
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BESF. Best. Episode. So. Far. Don’t you agree PopWatchers? This season has been a little spotty but last night’s Gossip Girl felt like old times. There was Blair bitchiness (my fave line of the evening: “Trust me Nate: I know women…and none of us are that nice.”). There was fabulous fashion (J’adored Serena’s dress at the wedding). And there was Dorota (her own wedding ensemble was genius—the woman should wear more large hats).

So it was definitely still the most entertaining GG this season…but, obvs, I still have some issues.

My favorite scene was definitely the double date between Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Bree. Blair just completely demolished Bree aka Snoozy McBoring. It just felt so good for someone to unleash upon that character because she’s just so blah. It’s really a shame that Bree was such a dud because Joanna Garcia is so bubbly and appealing. I just could not get into her storyline with Carter Baizen at all. It’s not fun when they discuss scandals with characters we’ve never met, like Bree’s sister. Who cares about this person? I’m hoping Nate’s next storyline is juicier (and Buckley-free). Also, is it just me or should guests (um hi Bree) wear bras to weddings?

Georgina was back to being devilish which is how she ALWAYS should be. Her conversion to religious nut was funny but she just can’t pull off good girl. I did thoroughly enjoy her little coffee shop encounter with Vanessa and the way she totally dominated the conversation. Vanessa should know that Dan would never be that upset with her if she told the truth about Scott being his brother (and, lo and behold, he wasn’t!). Plus, how sad is it that she still spends the better part of every episode in that damn café, surrounded by coffee. She just can’t escape. Still, the part where Vanessa was trying to get Dan to break up with Olivia was pretty hilarious. Also, her dress at the wedding was gorge. Yellow is totes Vanessa’s color. Not rocking a good look was Georgina at the wedding. Unflattering much?

The Lily/Rufus tension at first seemed forced but then it sorta made sense that Lily would be afraid of marrying for something other than money. Also, her dress and earrings were fabulous. I do not buy for one minute that Jenny would have been able to craft something like that, especially not during her own, crazypants current style-phase. Does this mean more or less Scott? This is confusing because I thought he would be gone but now they’re welcoming him into the family. No. No. No. Please go back to Boston Scott and get charged with house arrest. I mean that in the nicest way.

Lily and Rufus eventually got married in the old Humphrey loft with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon officiating. Random but I sorta loved it. And, at least it wasn’t Lisa Loeb poppin’ up again.

I don’t really care about Serena and Carter Baizen, either. He just seems so skeevy. But I sorta love Serena gambling in order to rescue him and pay his debts. It feels very Rounders but with more Herve Leger dresses.

Oooh I almost forgot Dorota and her big hat! How adorable! I don’t think we’ve ever seen Dorota with her hair down. She’s kind of a cougar. And clearly, from the finale, has a whole circle of Russian pals willing to plot with her. Hello spinoff!

All in all, a really solid episode. The script was tight and funny. Good work GG folks! Keep it at this level!

What did you think of last night’s Gossip Girl? Are you glad Bree seems to be gone? What did you think of the Sonic Youth cameo?

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