Who knows if any of this is true, but it’s sure fun to think it might be.

This week, there have been reports on the internet that Transformers director Michael Bay is so ticked off at Megan Fox’s repeated swipes at him in the press that he’s planning on killing off her character in the first 15 minutes of the next Transformers movie. Petty? Sure. Vindictive? Absolutely. Delicious payback? And how.

Since Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hit theaters back in June, Fox — an actress who no one had ever heard of before Bay cast her in the first Autobots/Decepticons smackdown– has called her boss “a d—” and compared him to Hitler. And when I interviewed her this past summer, she called him a sadist and said that working with Bay “is not about an acting experience.” Nice.

I get it. Being a loose cannon is part of her bad-girl, tattooed, Jessica Rabbit appeal. But there is such a thing as being ungrateful, right? So if Bay really does plan on having her onscreen alterego — Mikaela Banes — impaled by a shape-shifting Camaro or Mack truck that turns into a can opener or whatever, can you really blame the guy?

Would you still go to see a third Transformers movie where Fox gets killed off? Heck, would that make you more likely to see it?

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