Accidentally on Purpose
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A colleague who will only let me identify her as “M” just admitted that the Jenna Elfman sitcom Accidentally on Purpose is one of the shows she likes to watch when she’s been drinking. (Now sober, she just reenacted Elfman’s “My booty is delicious” dance, pictured, in my office — and insisted that David Sutcliffe, Gilmore Girls‘ Christopher last seen on The Practice, who guested on a recent episode, needs his own show: “He is cute. He is likable. He is cute. Like a slightly older Scott Speedman, who also deserves a show.”)

Which show you do enjoy watching more — or only, in the case of Accidentally on Purpose, which still isn’t doing Ashley Jensen justice — when you’ve been drinking? Slezak, always one to respond to a question if it involves booze, says: “Melrose Place definitely benefits from a couple cocktails…but I’ve also been known to watch it sober, if we happen to be going through the DVR backlog on a weekend morning.* If the husband isn’t with me and I’m half in the bag, the default position is automatically TVG. (If you don’t know what TVG is, you betta get an edge-ooh-caysh.)” Annie answers, “Yo Gabba Gabba!, Strangers With Candy, the ‘Spring Breakout’ episode of Arrested Development, and whatever is on Adult Swim.” Wendy Mitchell reluctantly admits to Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress. I feel less bad about myself for crying at Ghost Whisperer if I can blame it on a few mojitos.

Your turn. Name your tipsy TV choice.

* “Indicates possibility of, but does not guarantee, a sober state.”

Photo credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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