There’s a German word called schadenfreude, which has no direct translation into English but means something like “taking joy in the misfortune of others.” Now, I’m not saying that’s the Deutch wort that was floating through director Bryan Singer’s head when X-Men: The Last Stand — directed by Brett Ratner, who stepped in after Singer left the X-world he started to make Superman Returns — premiered to scorn from the fan and critical communities, but it’s only human to take a secret joy in getting empirical proof that one is the best at what they do. Especially if what they do is making X-Men movies — and, so we’re all clear, X2: X-Men United is one of the best superhero movies ever made.

So it’s good news that Singer is in talks to return to the world of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Professor X (Patrick Stewart), and a bunch of other interchangeable young mutants — I say that because Jean Grey and Scott Summers are dead, and you know Halle Berry isn’t coming back for a fourth attempt at giving an Oscar-worthy standing-in-the-background performance. While I wish Singer had gotten to close out the Dark Phoenix storyline in a manner that didn’t suck, I’m curious to see what he takes on. Will it be the next Wolverine flick? The still-simmering Magneto origin story? X-Men 4 — which, one can only hope, would feature the Hellfire Club (because what everyone needs is more superheroes in corsets)?

Does this bode well for the X-Men franchise? Or would new blood be a good thing?

Photo Credit: Everett Collection

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