You know that anyone who dares to play Survivor in high heels is a very special lady indeed. And Yasmin Giles is that lady. The outspoken hairstylist shows off her gift of gab in the latest edition of Survivor Talk. Special guest Stephen Fishbach (runner-up of Survivor: Tocantins) joins Josh Wolk and me as we grill Yasmin all about her absurdly bizarre motivational speech to the Foa Foa tribe, her curious strategy of doing absolutely nothing around camp, and, of course, her big post-challenge blow-up with Ben. Has she forgiven the outspoken bartender? And what was her time like with Ben in the Survivor: Samoa contestant quarters they were both sent to after being kicked out of the game? (One word — AWKWARD!) Click on the two-part video below to get the full scoop straight from the source.