I failed to properly celebrate National Poetry Day earlier this week, because I was too busy watching reality television. But hey, in a certain sense, this week’s Réalité is a love poem: To Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s meticulously groomed chest and Natalie Coughlin’s rippling back on Dancing With the Stars. To Tyra Banks, Mr. Jay, and a giant rainbow snail on America’s Next Top Model (please use bunky French accent when saying show title). To the Other Brother of So You Think You Can Dance. To Logan’s unfortunate pant cuffs on Project Runway. And to Samantha Harris, for making everything just a little more beautifully uncomfortable. This one goes out to you.

Press play below to enjoy, be sure to stick around for part 2 (which will play automatically after part 1), and hit me up on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak to weigh in on what other reality series we should be covering. I think I smell some Top Chef action cooking up in the next week or two, and we won’t be working with any inscrutable prawns.

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Trya Banks
America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks searches for the next great supermodel

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