As EW reported last night, Southland has been canceled by NBC. A combination of so-so ratings and, more significantly, the lack of the 10 p.m. time-slot a grown-up cop drama a series such as Southland requires are undoubtedly the chief reasons.

This is a cryin’ shame. Southland had all the makings of what used to be considered a classic NBC show: Good serialized stories, a fine ensemble cast, and that comfy workplace-drama feel that ER and Homicide: Life On The Street used to have.

Oh, but NBC doesn’t care that Southland‘s Regina King was probably well on her way to an Emmy nomination if her cop character had remained as strong as it did last season, or that Ben McKenzie had found a fine post-O.C. role to grow into. Naw, the network just wants a couple million people to yuk it up while Jay Leno is stuck in that hour, making jokes with Gerard Butler about being naked in the latter’s film roles, as Leno did last night.

Give us all a break. Where can producer John Wells and creator Ann Biderman take Southland? I wouldn’t trust its chances on the already-crammed ABC, CBS, and Fox networks. It won’t fit on pay-cable — not edgy enough. Yet it’s too edgy for a basic-cable channel such as USA. But why not TNT? If it’s Saving Grace, why can’t it save Southland?

Are you irritated that Southland was cancelled? What NBC show will get the axe next? Maybe they’ll decide that one of the Law and Orders isn’t pulling in enough viewers at 8 or 9 p.m., when it should be on at 10 anyway?

Beyond that, where do you think a wounded Southland could resurface, and thrive, on TV?