After the sad news over the weekend that Kandi’s fiance (or ex-fiance, apparently) had been killed, it was difficult to watch the woman innocently struggle over their fraught engagement. And seriously, Bravo—the preview for next week shows a tense therapy session in which Kandi’s skeptical mother accuses the man of being a dead-beat. Surely this scenes could have been scrapped in response to the tragic turn of events.

Kandi continued to be the sole voice of reason on the show. (This good sense will hopefully steer her well as she navigates her grief.) The best parts of the episode involved Kandi calling out the other women’s ding-donginess. When Lisa insisted that she wasn’t the type of woman who lived large, she gave her the best bitch-please look of Housewives history. “Ah, excuse me, you have a bowling alley in your house and you were complaining that you couldn’t get an elevator.” When Kim very lamely explained that she missed Kandi’s comeback concert because Brianna was sick, Kandi bitch-pleased her and gave her a very dry, very disbelieving “Mmmmmoh-kayyyyyy.” When Kim bragged that her black AmEx was all her doing, and Big Poppa didn’t foot her bills, we as a people groaned bitch-please. “Where is she getting $250,000 a year to blow on AmEx?” asked Kandi. Well see, Big Poppa has one of his people drive by her house every now and then and throw a garbage bag of bills onto Kim’s lawn. But it’s Kim, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth and one hand clutching the top of her salmon-colored silk kimono robe, who finds the dough and brings it inside. So that makes it her money. And that’s why she can afford to buy her daughters pajamas so they don’t have to sleep in their bathing suits.

Meanwhile, Sheree hissed some more about how her fashion show was going to put Lisa’s to shame. “I’m not one to settle for average,” she said. “And I guess that’s where Lisa and I differ.” Bitch, please. She put together a ridiculous promo commercial for She by Sheree. The mash-up of women, with Sheree’s big noggin hovering specter-like on the screen, reminded me of the dating ads from the movie Singles. She by Sheree likes long walks on the beach and traveling and reading the Sunday Styles section. Dwight, who called himself a gift from God, balked at the idea of letting Sheree run the promo during her fashion show. His rapid-fire instructions to the mystified event planner left Sheree miffed and speechless. “It’s not He by Duh-wight.” Oh Lord, I smell a spin-off.

NeNe invited a couple dozen friends to run around her cul-de-sac in high heels to raise awareness for victims of domestic abuse. Dwight wore a cat suit. Michael the Los Angeles hotel lobby wore drag. Gregg, God bless him, wore a pair of NeNe’s wedges.

Sample line of Lisa dialogue: “This salad is so good.” The woman, who I criticize more than she deserves simply because I am driven mad by her relentlessly bland and artificial cheer, supported Ed as he realized that his wonky knee would keep him off the football field. She took a pregnancy test that came up negative. (Oh Bravo, you and your ridiculous promos that feature scenes that always promise high-stakes drama and end up being the episode’s most banal moments.) This means we may have another bathtub scene to suffer through.

Next week, NeNe heads home to Athens to find the dramatic arc for her MEM-WOI.

What did you all think? How did news of A.J.’s death affect your viewing? Is Bravo evil for continuing to air his negative story line? Now that Kandi has signed with Capitol, can she just gracefully bow out of the Housewives racket? She’s too good for this henhouse.