Tyler Perry, Padma Lakshmi, and Madonna were in the news the week of October 9

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, 39, who has been outspoken about her struggle with endometriosis, confirmed Oct. 1 that she is expecting her first child. She has not disclosed the identity of the father.

On Oct. 5, Nicole Richie, 28, suffered minor injuries from a Beverly Hills car accident in which a paparazzo hit her vehicle from behind…. Desperate HousewivesKathryn Joosten, 69, is recovering from an Oct. 5 surgery in L.A. to remove a cancerous growth on her lung. The operation was a success, according to her rep…. During a Sept. 29 concert in Salt Lake City, Miley Cyrus, 16, took an extended break due to strep throat. The singer rescheduled three shows, but returned to the stage Oct. 6 in Michigan.

Elizabeth Taylor, 77, will undergo a procedure to repair a leaky heart valve, the actress announced Oct. 6 on her Twitter account. ”Any prayers you happen to have lying around I would dearly appreciate,” Taylor wrote.

Madonna, 51, and The Mail on Sunday reached a settlement Oct. 6 after the British paper published 10 private photos of the singer’s wedding to film director Guy Ritchie. Madonna will donate the undisclosed damages to her Raising Malawi charity…. A Malibu judge signed a court order on Oct. 6 expunging Mel Gibson‘s record of the 2006 DUI conviction following the actor’s infamous arrest, during which he unleashed a string of anti-Semitic remarks.
Additional reporting by Stewart Allen

Tyler Perry Opens Up About a Brutal Childhood
In his hit movies, filmmaker Tyler Perry tells inspirational tales of families coming together. But Perry’s own life story was often less uplifting, according to an intensely personal message he posted on his official website Oct. 3. ”I’m tired of holding this in,” wrote the director, 40, before recounting a shocking series of childhood memories in which he was beaten, molested, and emotionally abused by members of his family and community. In one disturbing vignette, Perry recalls his drunken father whipping him with an electrical cord ”until the skin was coming off my back.” (Perry’s father could not be reached for comment.) Perry said his revelations were inspired, in part, by the recent milestone of his 40th birthday, and by a viewing of Precious. The movie, slated to hit theaters Nov. 6, is based on writer Sapphire’s 1996 novel Push about the shocking abuse suffered by a Harlem teenager at the hands of her parents. Along with Oprah Winfrey, Perry has signed on to the film as an executive producer in the hope of bringing it to a larger audience. (Both Perry and Winfrey have pledged to donate their proceeds from the film to charity.) While Perry’s account of his childhood is chilling, he said he’s been able to let go of his anger thanks to his faith and creativity. ”I choose to forgive with all my might,” he wrote. ”Forgiveness has been my weapon of choice. It has helped to free me.”
Adam Markovitz